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General information

InterParts SIA (hereinafter - provides the information and services available on the website in accordance with the provisions on mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities described below. These terms and conditions apply to all purchases of the buyer (hereinafter - consumer) using the website. By using the website and making purchases, you confirm that you have read and agree to all the terms and conditions described below and undertake to comply with them. A distance contract is an agreement between a consumer (Article 1 (3) PTAL) and a seller (Article 1 (5) PTAL) or a service provider (Article 1 (4) PTAL). The distance contract is considered concluded from the moment the consumer has placed an order on the website.

The purpose of creating a website

This website and its content are the intellectual property of The website is designed to serve as an online store for searching and ordering car spare parts and accessories. Thanks to a well-designed financial policy, we can offer lower prices than in stores, services or at any other retailer.

Website information

In order to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information about the products offered on the website, we update and supplement the product descriptions, however, we cannot guarantee that the most up-to-date information will always be available on the website.

Offer of goods product range - car spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles (including minibuses), car electronics, oils, lubricants, car accessories, running gear, body parts.


All prices on the website are presented in euros (Eur) together with value added tax (VAT). The cost of delivery of the goods is not included in the price of the goods. The delivery price of the goods depends on the type of delivery you have chosen. You can get acquainted with the possible payment methods of the order in the section “Delivery”.

Supply of goods

Delivery of goods is carried out through Omniva couriers and parcel terminals, self-delivery from the office is possible. More detailed information about the delivery of goods and the possibility of delivery is available in the section "Delivery".

Return policy

In case the consumer wants to return the ordered product, he is entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal. The consumer is entitled to return the ordered product within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the moment of receipt of the order. The product must be returned in the original packaging, complete set and together with the product documents. The product must not be used, soiled and / or damaged. The packaging of the product must not be torn or damaged. The consumer is responsible for the assembly and packaging of the returned product, if the product is not properly assembled and / or packaged, is entitled not to accept the returned product. To agree on the place and type of return of the goods, please contact us by writing to e-mail, calling +371 22 88 22 99, +371 22 99 22 88 or filling in the return form.

N.B car electronics, oils, lubricants, universal parts, original parts, accessories, used or damaged, carelessly and irresponsibly stored as well as contaminated goods will not be returned.

Consumer rights and obligations

By using the website and the services offered, the consumer agrees to these and other terms described on the website and undertakes to comply with them. The consumer may not harm the operation of the online store or its proper operation, if this is not observed, has the right to restrict the consumer's access to the Internet or delete the consumer's registration without prior notice. The consumer may not make any changes or corrections on the website. If the above rules are violated intentionally or unintentionally, as a result of actions or omissions, the consumer will be liable for all losses that may occur to

Rights and obligations of the seller undertakes to create all conditions for the consumer to properly use the services provided on the website, but does not provide any guarantee that the website will work without interruption or that data transfer will be uninterrupted, as well as responsible for minor inaccuracies. In accordance with all applicable laws, is not responsible for any losses that have occurred while using the website, as well as for events beyond the control of

Copyright and intellectual property

All content of the website is protected by copyright. The information found on the website - texts, pictures, designs, goods, trademarks and any other information is the property of and may be used only for personal purposes and not for profit. Without the written consent of, it is strictly forbidden to copy, process, republish or transfer to third parties any information and content posted on the website.

Dispute resolution procedure

If a dispute arises between and the consumer in connection with the provision / receipt of services, the parties will take all necessary measures to resolve the dispute through negotiations. In case the parties are unable to reach a mutual agreement through negotiations, all disputes will be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. In case the submitted complaint is found to be unfounded and the consumer does not agree with it, the consumer has the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options specified in regulatory enactments.

Information on out-of-court dispute resolution options and out-of-court dispute resolution:

- Information on the ADR database:

- Information on the dispute resolution process:

PTAL applies only to natural persons, therefore legal entities cannot exercise the right of withdrawal established by PTAL.

General agreement

The consumer agrees that all the mentioned terms form an agreement between him and on the use of the website by the consumer. has the right to change, correct and clarify information. The consumer is obliged to independently check the content of the website in order to get acquainted with the changes in the rules. If the consumer continues to use the website after the changes have been made, he thus agrees to all changes. If the consumer does not agree with the changes, then he must stop using the website.


The data shown here, in particular the entire database, may not be copied. It is strictly forbidden to copy the data and the complete database, as well as to distribute it independently and / or to involve third parties in this process without the prior consent of TecDoc. Unauthorized use of any content and non-compliance with these terms is a copyright infringement and will be penalized.